Once upon a Precious woman from Belgium married an Ethiopian prince and gave birth to nine beautiful and healthy Children.

       And while enduring her “Mom” duties, she embarked in her nursing vocation taking care of Cancer patients.

       She was to my eyes the most beautiful creature that exist in this world .She carried her statuesque beauty, strong and elegant physic. She walked in life with embellished grace and transcended the word holly spirit.

        This is my Mom "Irene" for whom this café is dedicate . I love my mom with all my heart like I never loved any other human being. And it’s also dedicated to all the “Moms” in the world.

        Her presence is felt everywhere in the store through her spirit of hospitality and  her caring recipes. We are trying to recreate in a kitchen environment  and cater to your need by collectively using fresh ingrediants combine with 25 years in the restaurant experience up north in NYC and Europe.

         We are selling local  made products from "Moms"in the area. We also make our own unique products.

         we are trying to satisfy all palletes.

 We hope to see you  soon at our cafe/store and serve you as best as we can. 








11211-122 lawyers rd,

Mint Hill, NC 28227

tel: 704-604-1173


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